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Easily and efficiently manage your VO reconditioning

Mac and tablet with Progicar Remarket software for VO refurbishment

Intelligently schedule your used vehicle flow and increase the number of vehicles processed per day with Progicar Remarket software.

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Mac and tablet with Progicar Remarket software for VO refurbishment

All the needs of a VO reconditioning plant in one tool

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Increase your VO volume

Implement an industrial organization in your center to increase the volume of vehicles processed per day. Be more competitive and productive by prioritizing your work and your vehicles thanks to an intelligent scheduling of your used vehicle flow.

Tablet with Progicar Remarket software for used car reconditioning plants
Save time and make decisions quickly

No more loose sheets, no more lack of visibility on jobs and no more bottlenecks in the workshop that slow down the reconditioning of your vehicles. Progicar Remarket gives you access to the information you need to be efficient in your business.

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Put your customers at the heart of your business

Improve your customers' satisfaction with simplified exchanges and detailed, editable quotes. An access to the software allows them to validate the estimates on line and to follow the progress of the vehicles.

An all-in-one solution

The promises of Progicar Remarket

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Simplification of exchanges

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Real-time performance monitoring

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Processing time less than 12 days

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15% increase in VO flow
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Profitability in 12 months and ROI of 400% in 3 years

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Centralization & Traceability of information
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Management & performance indicators
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Simplification of exchanges between all stakeholders

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Processing time less than 12 days
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15% increase in VO flow
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Profitability in 12 months and a 400% ROI in 3 years

A software developed to fully control your VO renovation plant

The customer makes the mandates of the vehicles to be prepared directly online through his personal space:
  • Fill in the information about the vehicle
  • Pre-assessment and photos
  • Location of vehicles and permanent visibility on the status of the vehicle fleet:
    • Reception and qualification of the vehicle
    • Management of vehicles and parking spaces
  • The car experts carry out the technical diagnosis and the expertise of the vehicle directly on Progicar Remarket:
  • Vehicle damage report and tasks to be performed
  • Photos of the work and provision to customers
  • Warehousemen create estimates online from the damage report, and transmit them in real time to their customers. Through their personal space, the customer can directly :
  • Have detailed and complete quotes
  • Accept, modify or refuse the quote
  • Spare parts information:
  • Order tracking
  • Follow-up of the reception of the parts
  • Management of missing persons
  • The workshop manager coordinates and validates the scheduling of the VO flow:
  • Choice of vehicles to bring into the workshop
  • Emergency management
  • Optimization of the flow time
  • Control panel
  • Overall vision and coordination of all operations:
  • Space dedicated to the different operators and service providers
  • Vehicle status and centralization of information
  • Alert in case of blockage
  • Adaptation of the photos taken according to the labels
  • Validation of the photo step
  • Validation of the aesthetic stage
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    Who is Progicar Remarket for? 

    The perfect control software for your VO center if :

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    You wish to deploy an efficient and industrial

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    You want to digitalize your process.

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    Your center reconditions between 2500 cars/year and
    15 000 cars/year.

    "The PROGICAR solution is at the heart of Autoprepar's process and accompanies our industrial operating mode. Its use has enabled us to increase the number of vehicles reconditioned by Autoprepar by 15% per year, while improving our customers' satisfaction. This tool allows us to be one of the most efficient car reconditioning platforms in the market.
    Reynald Castel - Director Autoprepar customer confidence1