Progicar launches Multiparts, its software solution for spare parts distribution platforms 

In April 2024, Progicar, specialized in the development of software solutions for automotive professionals, launches its new product Multiparts. Designed for spare parts distribution platforms, Multiparts is a management and order-taking solution that has been installed for several months now at the Logipar platform (Distrigo network) in Torcé (35). It is the improvement tool that has tested its effectiveness on this platform with 20 years' experience.

Against a backdrop of aging existing software, often unable to centralize information, distribution plates are now forced to work with several tools. This results in a number of difficulties: a lack of order traceability for customers; over-subscribed call centers; and poor returns management. 

Progicar Multiparts offers a unique solution with two distinct portals: on the one hand, the customer portal (garages, MRAs, dealerships, etc.) where orders are placed and immediately tracked, traced and serviced. On the other hand, the portal dedicated to the PR platform manages orders, returns and sales promotion, all in real time and with immediate updates.

What sets Multiparts apart from other solutions is the software's great flexibility. It can be parameterized for a large number of functions, and adapts to the activity of platforms and end-customers, giving them maximum autonomy. Julien BORDET, Director of Progicar, insists that " Multiparts solves two key problems for spare parts distribution platforms. On the one hand, the solution provides customers with information that is as close as possible to their concerns, in terms of fine-tuned visibility of the status of their orders or shortages. On the other hand, by managing complex issues such as returns, it enables them to seek out sources of growth for their business.

About Progicar : 

Progicar publishes and develops software for professionals in the automotive industry and BtoB trade (PR, used vehicle preparation center). Based near Nantes, with a team of thirty employees, Progicar has ten years' experience in digitalizing its customers' activities. Progicar's ambition is to offer innovative, intuitive and comprehensive digital solutions: prior to Multiparts, in 2023 Progicar launched Remarket, a management software for used-vehicle reconditioning centers.

Contact :

Christophe Periault - Sales Manager -

Julien Bordet - General Manager - - 07 48 13 63 26

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Photo of a woman from the Progicar team
Written by Céline Carminati

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